Ideas of Lines

The design of simple elements to create human or inhuman themes and ideas.

When looking at the lines of the Young Man I see a controlled style of line mechanics that emphasize the form of the man on the canvas.
What I admired from this work is the use lines to show the idea.Mainly due to the fact that the family, the children have more concentrated lines on their forms when compared to the scene around them.
When seeing this work I liked the simplicity of lines used in order to show the form of a human head. Along with the use of branches, twigs, and vines was a nice touch to the line work.
The forms used when making, "The Parting" were used spectacularly. Showing human emotion for a tone that may have many meanings. All done with few strokes of lines and coordination.
When I first saw this I was a bit confused. Mainly due to the fact that I saw the lines form a box that showed more lines to form a square to more lines forming another smaller square.
The lines in this sculpture tickled me fancy!...In a good way. The lines used in the sculpture formed the very frame and motion of the sculpture itself. Giving the sculpture a unique use of lines.
When viewing the detail of the sculpture I saw a nice use of negative space. The design of the leaves are a solid use of lines. But I really admire the negative space occupied by the lines.
I liked this work of art because it was simple. The lines used in this work of art where used to outline the shapes but I still see it used when defining the highlights and shadows of the forms used.
The human form comprises of many shapes. But along with the use of lines on the human man, I also like the use of lines around the man that forms the grass, flowers and bushes around him.
The use of lines used for Moon Play are kind of cool to say the least. The lines used in the art piece define the forms and the colors being used to show the emotion and tone in the work of art.
When I saw this face I was creeped me out. I would like to state that the artist uses a series of lines, strokes, and hatches in order to give the art work the form of a mans face.
When I look at the shape it looks like an ocarina I had. The lines on this sculpture vary from the center design to a good use of lines on the negative space.
The lines used in this work piece make the form of a man with a mustache. Lines such as the outer line of the man thick and dark. While small lines inside the man are colored and give man color.
This art piece is made entirely of lines. Lines that warp the perception of the viewer with its many shades, whites and darks that give a curiosity to the viewer itself.
In this work of art the lines of the art piece were probably referenced from Japanese art works. The lines are clean and thin. While smaller lines are used to give the mother and child more emotion.
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