Life of Christ

These works represent historical events that happened before, during, and after Jesus Christ's life.

Sin was brought into this world by temptation. The LORD gave Adam and Eve complete freedom. The only thing he demanded was that they not eat the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden or they shall surely die. After being tempted by the serpent, the woman ate the fruit and shared with her husband. This painting symbolizes Genesis 3:6
The Lord entered into this world as a baby, born of a virgin, in order to teach righteousness and to stir mankind from their wicked ways.
Jesus Christ as a man teaching the people righteousness.
Jesus Christ's last supper with his disciples. He is letting them know the events that are about to happen.
Christ is being nailed to the cross.
The crucifixion of Christ. Nest to him are two thieves. One is saved from eternal suffering.
Workers preparing the tomb to seal Christ's lifeless body.
Christ rising up from the tomb. Markings on his hands, feet, and right side indicate his resurrection.
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