Falling from Grace.

I think the virtual museums are comparable to physical museums because it contains pieces of art and detail to go along with it. Virtual museums are better in my opinion because database archival and hypertext links make it easier for me to find information and details of the piece of art. I like this better than the catalog in real museums and it is a lot quicker than catalogs.

I don't feel that there are any problems with using a virtual museum. The only thing lacking using virtual museums over physical ones is seeing the actual art in its original form. You can not witness brush strokes, technique, or true detail online.

Virtual museum exhibitions allow you to look at mass amounts of artwork from different museums without leaving your home. You can look up information and details with just one click and results are fast and easy. You do not have to limit yourself too looking at one piece at a time or one style or artist. Not only can you look but you can create your own gallery of your favorite pieces.

The Angel Binding Satan is the first example of disobediance and falling from the grace of God. Satan was once a beautiful Angel whose greed later led to expulsion from heaven and eternal damnation. His angelic powers were bound and he was sent to rule his own kingdom on darkness.
The Garden of Eden is reflective of God's love for all he created. This painting goes through the the story of Adam and Eve. It depicts God giving Adam and Eve heaven on Earth. It then shows the two people as they progressively rebel and ultimately fall victim to sin.
Adam & Eve in Paradise is the exact moment the two fall from grace. With one rule given to them, Adam and Eve stray from God. You can see the devil in the form of a snake, tempting Eve to **** the forbidden fruit. On one side is a lion and the other a deer. Eve pushes the forbidden fruit unto Adam, making her the predator (lion) and Adam her prey (deer).
The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden is what I consider Earth falling from Heaven's grace. What was once beautiful and peaceful, abundant with life and flourishing, was now savage and cruel. Sin was introduced to the world and it was the turning point on life for everyone to come. For the first time the Grace of God was no longer supplied in abundance.
The Way To Calvary shows Christ's coming to Earth to die and to rid us of our sins, offering us the chance to step into Heaven. In this scene you see Mary, a known ********** and sinner reach unto Jesus offering him love and aid. This is reflective of a plea for acceptance and forgiveness... the transformation of a sinner being born again.
The Last Judgement is where all will be judged for their sins and ultimately damned to hell or accepted into the Kingdom of God. This moment is the result of all who fell from grace .
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