Prints and Print-making techniques

PPCC Art 110

Oil on wood - Depth through overlapping, Color - Emphasis (Horseman), Proportion
Etch - Organic vs Manmade line, Depth through Value - Balance, Pattern
Oil Painting - Organic Line, Space through Depth - Variety and Balance
Woodcut - Value and Space through Overlapping - Balance and Emphasis
Oil Painting - Space through overlapping, various colors - Movement (trees), Emphasis
Woodcut - Organic line, Value - Emphasis, Unity (chair and girl)
Oil Painting - Complementary Colors, Manmade vs Organic line - Balance, Pattern
Etch - Organic vs Manmade line, Depth through value - Rhythm, Emphasis
Etching - Thin line, value for color and depth - Emphasis, Balance
Lithography - Texture and Depth through Value - Balance, Pattern
Painting - Texture, Air Interferance - Balance, Movement
Lithography - Analogous color, Space through overlapping - Emphasis, Rhythm
Credits: All media
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