I would considered this piece as a piece of craft. I choose this art piece because i love the detail and the realism of an actual person. I love how beautifully it captured the presence of a women.
I would consider this piece as fine art. I choose this piece because I love how well it was photographed, it almost appears as a painting. The 1st thing that draws my attention is the water the women are standing by. They appear as they saw something
I would consider this piece a craft. I fell in love with this art piece. The detail on the dress and how well done the sewing is. Just Beautiful.
This piece I would considered fine art. I love the warm to dark colors that were used. I like what I think this art piece represents. Working women, something we see today as well but not the same.
This piece I would also considered as fine art. I choose this art work for the reason of not only does it appear luxuries but the eye catcher to this is the A.A in the back representing minorities something we still deal with today.
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