Horse collection

These are 10 pictures on horses.

I really like this one because the man on the house is peacefully on it and he looks like a police officer.
This one is amazing because the women is riding a horse and it looks like a sunny, nice day. I think this picture is amazing!
This horse picture is really funny and its like this because its frightened by the lightning. Its an awesome picture and I like the way the background sets the horse's face and its cool.
This is my 4th picture and I really like this one because the horse is relaxing and having fun. The theme and background is spring and it looks really pretty the colours really blend in.
My 5th one is a horse and a man is pulling out the horse from the sea because I think it needed rescue. It looks perfect and its a really good picture to choose!
This is my 6th horse picture. I really like it because there's a white pony and a brown horse they are taking a bath and I think it looks really cool the way the artist did this picture.
My 7th one is based on two horses together and they are on the seashore. I think its really cool because it makes me feel like happiness and its not that sad.
I really like this horse picture because it looks like its leaping for joy. Its galloping and its amazing how the artist drew it and that its jumping.
I think this one is a great picture because its a Chalkware Horse and it looks awesome the way the artist painted this.
This is my 10th last picture and its really cool because there's a bunch of horses together. This was made in 1907 and made by Fernando Fader!
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