Mrs. Lipson hw

This image shows people going to what looks like a new world. This could relate to moving to different places during the renaissance era.
This photo represents a new baby being shown to an elder. This elder could be a priest or a father.
This is one photo that seems to be people going somewhere in a boat. They seem to have just came back or are in the process of fishing.
This image has very little color but lots of detail. It shows some kind of monk temple in the middle of the jungle.
In this photo is shows a knight fighting off what seems to be an evil dragon. This relates to the myths of knights fighting dragons and mythical beasts.
This photo shows a woman who has had a baby. She holds it tight to herself to protect it.
This shows a knight that is in battle on his horse. This shows how people fought back in the day.
You can see what looks to be dancing around a specific person. You can also see an angel flying around.
This has a person writing some kind of sea creature. This might relate to the belief of a sea god.
In this image you can see kind of a person laying down. This might relate to the black death in some way.
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