Music Through various eyes - George Forchuk

An array of pieces, from oil paintings to street art, depicting music and its influences. Physical representations of music during different time periods, from modern to classic, showing us that art forms can easily blend together and have us enthralled with appreciation and wonder. Please enjoy, Music Through Various Eyes

Here we have the God of Music, Apollo, in contest with Marsyas, a satyr in Greek mythology who composed music with his flute. Though made in the 1600s, this piece has a very classical feel to it, showing us the roots in music and how visceral the art of music was taken.
Here we have a 1930s influence depiction of a big band jazz group. During this time of segregation in America, it was only a few of the more liberal states that allowed African-American performances such as this. This type of music would forever influence the world.
Here we have another depiction of the jazz music era, this one based in the 1950s. Our subjects include far less people though, taking a step away from the big band-type performances and moving toward smaller and slower jazz influences.
This is one of the more modern representations of music and its influence on art. This piece uses vibrant colors in an almost patchwork-type of style. It features musical notes, a keyboard, volume adjusters and more, revealing a more technological influence on modern music.
If the title from the Guns N' Roses compilation album "Use Your Illusion" did not make it clear enough, here we have a painting of the artist Slash. With his trademark hat, hair, tight leather pants and guitar, we have a more hard/classic rock influence from the artist.
Here we have a bit of street art with another jazz-based influence. Jazz would have an influence on all modern music, like rock n' roll, so my gallery tends to truly appreciate this genre very much so. The flow of movement, along with the deep and vibrant colors of this piece, marks its more unconventional depictions of street art.
Here with have the King of Rock N' Roll, Elvis Presley, depicted in a very modest portrait. His rockabilly style would forever influence the genres of rock and country for decades to come. The portrait itself does well in its detail, while also depicting the softness and more rural influences of his character in the background.
This pastel painting depicts a young boy playing a wind instrument of some sort. Though naked, the boy seems content with their instrument and the environment he is in. The subject matter reveals how music, no matter what time period, can soothe the soul and put us in a state of transcendence.
Here we have another young boy, very actively, beating his percussion instrument. Coming from the Museum of Children's Art we know the artist is very young and reveals their own view of music through the eyes of a child. The piece is very playful and vibrant, showing a lot of activity.
Another piece from the International Museum of Children's Art, we have another view of music and its influence from a young mind. The subjects in the piece dance and move with glee, balloons suggest this to be a party of some sort. The vibrant, yet splattered colors, show a very happy and playful view of music.
Credits: All media
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