Elements of Art and Design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. -Sarah Margaret Sandlin

The lines of this picture are both thick and thin. Many lines seen in this picture are both horizontal and vertical, while many lines seen are descriptive lines.
All shapes are flat in this picture, and many are defined by line. All shapes in this picture can be described as geometric, with many of them being circles and rectangles.
Value: In this piece of art you can see the tones of the color black. You can cleary see value where the light hits the woman (lighter shade) and casts her shadow (darker shade).
The texture is conveyed visually in this work of art which makes it seem as if it is bumpy to the touch. The shading of the lines in this picture can give it that rough sort of texture.
The artist implies form throughout the picture with the different shades of the colors where the light hit the picture. Also because the plants are bigger, you can see dimension in the picture
In this picture, you can definitely see space with both positive and negative areas. The background would be considered negative space, while the lines are positive space.
Color: The hue of this picture is very light where the light is, and dark in the shadow. Many colors used in this picture are high intensity while being strong and bright such as the blue and purple.
Credits: All media
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