Samples of Lines

Pictures I have found that involve lines

This wonderful piece of art describes how crazy and weird the woods are. When you look at it, it looks messed up, but when you stare at it the woods pop out!
There are many lines in this piece. Notice all the ropes on the ship and water
There are lines in the rushing water and in the house. There is also lines in the rocks
The line is important in this piece because its saving there life. Lines are also in the water that is rushing under them.
The lines in this picture are the run way lines and the planes wings. You can also see lines where the plane tires went through the snow.
The lines in the pic are the runway lines and the water.
Lines are everywhere in this picture line the railing and lines on the sail boat.
Notice the lines in the fishing nets and on the side of the boat as well, also in the water.
The lines are in the rod out in the trees about everything here is lines even the bushes make up lines
The lines are in the waves and in the boats also in the buildings in the picture make up lines.
Credits: All media
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