the beauty of the nude form- Joseph walters

This Gallery takes a look at not only the female form but the beauty that is life, and nature. In the beauty that is oil painting. Weather it is a  portrait that is of someones native culture, or of a beautiful painting of a loving mother and child. The oil stands out and for the most part these images fell very real.

Well The painting depicts a beautiful woman that appears to be getting out of bed and ready for the day. This oil painting is a great example of the human form, this painting almost feels as if it was a photograph of a person, you can see that the woman has bed head.
This Image feels very natural, you have three women all presumably mothers that are gracefully playing with there children in the garden. The image is wonderfully painted. This painting to me feels very real. The nurturing mothers in this image play very graceful and their movement seem natural.
The dido with realistic curvature and muscle tone. This image although disturbing it depicts what appears to be two dead woman and a angle coming down to collect. You can see the bloody sword and both bodies laying limp. This disturbing image, is still very beautiful and relates to my topic the humanly struggles and natural feel of the image.
Dianna a beautiful model, with her breast popping out her clothing, standing in a wooded place. The image feeling much like a photograph, Dianna posses looking at the painter in a very naturalistic way. The image is very natural.
In this image you can see a motherly figure, holding her son. The curvature of both bodies, are very realistic. Minus the overly muscular child. But it appears that the child is seeking comfort. The images are presented very natural.
This image of Cleopatra, shows a beautiful woman that poses for the painting and appears to be stripping away her clothing , while holding a small snake in her right hand. The way the light is painted into this image gives the painting a very naturalistic perspective. Her face appears to be slightly shadowed, making the painting feel even more real.
In this image you can see that their 5 women and a dog bathing, in a beautiful and secluded area. The woman have very natural curves and you can almost count the fur on the dog as if the stands of hair were real. This image is very naturalistic and even though you can tel that it is an oil based painting, the image almost feels like the painter was there capturing the moment as it happened.
This image appears to show a very public bathing area, were mothers and fathers are bathing there children and watching as they play. This oil based painting shows the realistic waves as children play and bath.
This image of Venus and Cupid, mother and some and exposed Venus appears the be giving Cupid his arrows. while looking at her other child. This is also a very naturalist image, a caring mother rewarding her son while still paying attention to the other.
In this painting, a man is directing 2 woman. Carry there baskets back home you can see the man is much better dressed as, if he has some authority over them. Although the trees in the background are full. In this image you can tell that there is a cultural difference from what we are used to. But this image fits because the oil base based painting and naturalism of the image are marvelous.
This is an image of two woman and a man talking about something, there is a small child trying to get the attention of the woman sitting, most likely his mother. The people a dressed in there native attire. This image is a very realistic painting of a tribal people. The beauty and naturalism of it is pretty great.
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