a righteous Guidance

Do you follow a religion? Do you only believe in science? Guidance is something that can control our daily lives. Whether it is paternal guidance, religious guidance, government laws, horoscopes,or even a science based guidance, people are directed by and follow a higher authority. Throughout this gallery, each piece of art will relate to what people may believe is a justified and righteous guidance. Let's take a look!

"God is...very simple if you have faith".-Aunt Irena (Kieslowski's Decalogue 1) -The quote is a bit of a contrast to the image, but overall they are both a great example of religious guidance.
"Later, he concluded that measurement could be applied to everything". -Aunt Irena (Kieslowski's Decalogue 1) -This can be thought of as a more science-based guidance,with measurement giving a sense of precise balance and direction.
"My valuation of myself was much more dependent on you than on anything else, such as some external success." -Franz Kafka (Letter to his Father) -Here is an example of paternal guidance, specifically for Kafka who relied on his fathers opinions just to evaluate his own self.
"Listen, children, to a father's instruction, and be attentive, that you may gain insight;...". -Proverbs 4:1 -Children are the prime example of innocence and because of this, they easily are guided by the most influential people in their lives. Usually these people are their parents. Nevertheless, this is an example of parental guidance.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6- -Job relied on a Godly and spiritual guidance and this verse illustrates what following God looks like.
watch 1:49-2:25 in the video In the image to the left, baby Jesus is so small that He is almost unnoticeable. Despite this, He still is the most important part to Christ-based guidance (Christianity). The vulnerable drummer boy playing for the baby Jesus, implies that he is looking for someone to direct him. In this case, it is Jesus who will do so.
watch until 1:22 in the video -In this image, Jesus is portrayed as the "Good Shepherd", but spiritually He is the ultimate shepherd leading His people who are wiling to follow Him.
"This Government is Waging a Battle to Displace God from Society". "Canizares encourages young people to live as Christians in the current pagan environment". -These are both the translations to the article titles seen in the newspaper. Both provide an interesting contrast between a Godly guidance and a worldly or secular guidance.
"Its [religion] method consists in decrying the value of life and promulgating a view of the real world that is distorted like a delusion..." -Sigmund Freud (24;Civilization and its Discontents) -Sigmund Freud presents a negative perspective of religion, implying that a science-based guidance is essential. The image of Einstein is just a symbol of science.
"That feeling of oneness with the universe..." -Sigmund Freud -The Celestial Globe is like a map of all the constellations that can be seen in the night sky. Each constellation has a story of Greek mythology behind it, and also connects with horoscopes. This image can be a symbol of mythological guidance or even science-based guidance since the constellations deal with astrology.
"Without a Shepherd" -This is what I would have captioned the image because it seems as if these animals are without guidance and they have a loss of direction. "Young Goats Before Slaughter" -This is the translation of the actual caption.
"Personal Reflection" Look into this telescope and discover what or who you are guided by. Will you follow this direction for a season or a lifetime?
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