Marianne Slaby

Title - Memorable Moments. This gallery of artworks represents the personal and emotive journey of a popular 'day at the beach' from two different perspectives - Hawaiian and Australian. Each Hawaiian artwork relates to my grandfather's own experiences growing up in Honolulu. Meanwhile the other artworks show the transition and evolution of the popularity at the beach and how the trends and styles are always changing in Australia. The transition of black and white to colour is noticeable, representing the evolution of photography and art making. All these artworks contain a subjective meaning, the natural artworks may feel like your own secret 'place' and that may be different for each person.                                                                          All beaches were once serene, then, over time, they became a breeding ground for surfers, swimmers and sun-bathers.

Hawaii, Honolulu // I have chosen this image for my exhibition, as it reminds me of beach-goers excitedly jumping as the salty waves crash against the rugged rocks. This artwork captures the joyous moments.
Australia, Sydney // Meanwhile in Sydney, the sandy shores are flooded with visitors. I've chosen this photograph as it displays the overwhelming popularity of the beach in Australia.
Hawaii, 1958 // Surf and waves are distinct themes of Hawaii, it is what they're known for. I selected this photograph, as it represents those 'black and white' themes, and to this day, they have never changed.
Australia, 1890 // I admire this painting as it displays the theme of the beach at the time, which was that women wore long dresses, and did not participate in water activities. I feel that the colour in this artwork suggests that the beach has been "brought to life" with activity.
Hawaii, Honolulu, 1905 // Throughout this gallery, Hawaii is depicted as always having fun. This image helps me to imagine what my grandfather's childhood was like, growing up in the 1940's.
Australia, 1890 // This artwork is another perspective of Charles Conder's work, Ricketts Point, Beaumaris. Conder captures the atmosphere of the beach on a summers day which demonstrates his "great strides as a technician and a colourist since the late 1880's."
Hawaii, 1954 // Hawaii holds a deep, strong culture, which is why I selected this image to be apart of my gallery. This image embodies all of that culture, celebration and the cheerful memories.
Hawaii, 1959 // A similarity between the Hawaiian artworks is that they all display elements of 'good times,' and a 'living in the moment' style. This image reminds me of the typical 'schools out' vibe where high-schoolers drive down to their local beach.
Australia, 1940 // I have selected this as the most important artwork as the title, "Australian Beach Pattern" and the artwork, represent exactly the ever-changing trends and styles in Australia, and how our country doesn't have a certain beach 'theme' which represents us, while Hawaii does.
Credits: All media
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