Ambiguity in Brushstrokes

A collection curated by Vitiesther Torres of works in the 1900's demonstrating the beauty of the female nude expressed through the use of color and texture. The thick brushstrokes along with the rich color choices help highlight and enhance the works as well as draw the viewer in to delve deeper into each woman's secrets.

The thick brushstrokes on the body and use of color that aren't found on human flesh makes you want to explore deeper and pay attention to each portion of the body separately. It draws you in.
The us of the red outline really draws the eye in. The thick swirling brushstrokes are beautiful. The dark colors create intensity and you can feel her yearning. The thickness of the paint application conveys her want.
The blended brushstrokes create the feeling of what flesh truly looks like. The color choice is subdued, soothing and pleasing to look t.
This piece is idealized and very beautiful. I like the darker tones chosen. The shading creates depth very nicely to define her womanly shape. The darkness in her face is very intriguing and alluring.
I love the color choices in this piece. Green is not a natural skin tone but you can still discern that it's shading of the flesh and it's very effective and pleasing. The intense colors clue you in to her being a very interesting woman.
I like how her face is almost indistinguishable. Her face hidden in the shadows makes the composition interesting. The thick pastel brushstrokes are beautiful.
I love the color choice and the almost cartoonish representation of the female form. The image invokes vision of India. The vibrant color and fluid brushstrokes are striking.
The dark color choices and hurried brushstrokes is very powerful and deep. This styling invokes dark tumultuous emotions.
The red tone in this piece invokes feelings of a dreamscape. There's a haziness about the entire composition. Her face is mysterious and lovely.
I love how she doesn't have a face. There isn't too much focus on realism and it's lovely. She's almost a shell of a person and the colors fill her. The thick paint application is beautiful.
This is such a moody piece. The depth and darkness of the colors come together beautifully to evoke a despair in the viewer. The omission of her face also helps bring the feeling of sadness and deeper forward.
The positioning of her face and posing of her body is very arrogant. I find it very alluring along with he technique of the brushstroke.
I love her ambiguity. The omission of her face and lack of muscle definition help achieve this. She looks very content to sit and pose for the painting. She exudes beauty and confidence; it's intoxicating.
The hurried brushstroke and lack of features makes this a dark ominous scene. She has just committed a murder and stands there very cold and detached from her actions, The shirt quick brushstrokes are striking.
The blending and soft brushstrokes are very pretty. She has an overall soft, very pretty, almost angelic look about her that is very pleasing
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