Colors in Harbor - (Ryan Harris)

This gallery will show the truly incredible lights, colors, and ambiances that come from harbors and bays around the world. The works within this gallery will show you the awe-inspiring images of the harbor at sunset, or setting sail in the morning. Colors reflecting off the water with silhouettes of sails and green shores with rocks and trees. The communion of water and light can create visuals that are stunning. These artists have captured that emotion and given us a glimpse into the incredible Colors in Harbor.

Here we see a perfect example of morning light. We see ships within a bay on still water. The colors are very flat and soft. We can see the reflection of the cloudy sky on the calm steady water. The focus here is on the ships details in light as well as the sky and how the colors change based on where the sun is as well as the position of the clouds.
This work is a very bright and open painting. The light concentrated in the center of the painting gives it a very welcoming and drawing connection to the viewer. The most shaped part of this work is the water. The ripples are done to near perfection. The way they cast shadows and are only lit from the suns direction is moving. This gives this piece almost a sense of motion
This painting is a very warm and distant piece of art. The use of yellows and oranges creates the clear image that it is sunset and the light is reflecting off the water. There is a lot of detail in the background of this painting giving it very good depth. Much of this work is almost a silhouette such as the castle wall and tree to the left of the painting. It is very three dimensional because of how the light is used to highlight as well as hide with shadows.
This is a very drifted painting. As if you can feel the wind blowing because of the strokes and shades used. The color is very grey except for the one patch of sun in the middle. The grey and blues create a sense that it is very cold and windy, as if it just rained and the sun was coming out. The ships in the harbor here are indistinct and very simple but they fit the overall look of the painting.
This is a very undefined piece of work, and that is what makes it special. While I can tell you what I see, you may see something totally different. There is a simple outline of land breaking a sunset of reds and oranges as well as some patches off blue. There appears to be land being a shore to water coming in.
Created within this frame is a very deep and open work. My eye was instantly drawn to the small boat and soldier to the bottom left, its almost as if he's waiting for the ship in the center to pick him up. The space created in the background is very well done from the mountain as well as the single sailboat in the distant right. The very peach centered palate also gives an interesting color to the sunset.
This work is very simple and delicate. The use of off-whites and creams give this a very rustic view. From the aged looking white wooden dock to the musty sails, it feels very 19th century paris. The green brush to the right also gives it the feeling of life and late summer. The water reflections are very unformed as if there is glare and all of these elements create a very whole, and together painting.
This artwork is instantly eye-catching. The bright vivid colors outlining the ships eclipsing the sunrise, the sailboats anchored down, and the reflection of the sky and ships mirrored by the water. There is also great detail within the ships if inspected closely enough. The palate for this work is very vivid and spring-like with the use of light blues and yellows in the light and sky.
This is a very incredible pice of art depicting a compass. The shading and lighting created give it such a real life visual that you forget its a painting. This is a very monotone palate, this gives it a very aged concept which matches perfectly with the compass. I chose this because this was a sailors lifeline, and without it not one boat would ever find harbor.
This work is an intriguing and creative depiction of a man in a small boat with a sail and paddles. The wide rigid strokes used for the water almost visually creates a motion like waves rocking the boat. The man at the front of the boat is very undefined and hidden by shadow, but somehow he seems at peace in his boat on the water.
Credits: All media
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