Renissans perspective

sculptor: an artist who create sculptures cathedral: the principal church of a diocese mastery: comprehensive knowledge or skill in art architect: a person who designs buildings Royal Chapel: chapel at Versailles
amphitheater: a round or oval building with a central space for the presentation of dramatic or sporting events medieval:of or relating to the Middle Ages Liberality:the quality of giving or spending freely. cornucopia:a symbol of plenty arch:a curved symmetrical structure
variants:a form or version of something that differs spatial:of or relating to space intarsia:an elaborate form of marquetry Humanism:an outlook from a human panel:a flat or curved component
preacher:a person who preaches pulpit:a raised platform facade:the face of a building crucifix:a representation of a cross reveal:make previously unknown known to others
universe:all existing matter invisible:unable to be seen proportion:a part, share parallel: side by side spore:a minute, typically one-celled
landscapes: areas or nature Renaissance: the great revival of art exhibitions: a public display of works etchings:a print produced by the process of etching realistic:having or showing a sensible and practical idea
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