Music and Art          (Timothy Husak)

This art gallery includes artwork about the music that has influenced art throughout the ages. Through this gallery you will gain a better appreciation about music and how it has influenced the way that we see art today. You will also see how art has influenced the music that we listen to today.               

This piece of artwork is called the Venugopal: Krishna with a flute. It is a bronze statue that stands exactly 280 x 945 cm tall. It is of a person who is playing a flute. The man/woman has there eyes closed and there feet are moving. The statue is carefully detailed with clothing, sandals and an Indian hat on top of the head.
This painting is called Indian Musicians. It is exactly 940 cm wide and 730 cm in height. It painting entails 3 men and 2 women playing various Indian instruments. One man is playing an assortment of bongos while the other 2 are playing a sitar and a wooden flute. One woman is playing an Indian piano while the other woman appears to be moving her head. In the background of the painting, on the wall there are 3 holograms in human form that appear to be moving around, maybe to the sound of the music.
This picture is of an instrument called a Citole. This instrument was created during medieval times and is one of the earliest examples of an instrument known as a guitar. The instrument 610.00 mm in height, 186.00 mm in width and 147.00 mm in depth. It is a brown colored instrument with marking that mark the period that it was created in.
The photograph is of an instrument called The Ergonomic Viola. It is a bowed string musical instrument meaning that it is played with a bow being pushed and pulled along the strings. It is a tall cherry red instrument that is played in the upright position. There is a yellow flower on the upper right hand side of the instrument. It also has four string that stretch from the base of the instrument past the bridge and all the way up to the head of the neck.
This piece of artwork is called the Janko Upright Piano. It is a keyboard musical instrument that was built in 1882 by Paul von Janko. It is a large brown instrument with white. On the backboard of the keyboard you can see three decorative images. The keys were built to have a closer connection to each other that way the player did not have to stretch out his hand to get to another note.
This piece of artwork entitled Jazz Born Here was made by Gene Pendon. It is a large canvas of the late legendary pianist Oscar Peterson. The larger than life Peterson is center with a dark yet colorful background of purple and blue waves. A white beam of light shines on the left above Mr. Peterson’s head.
This next piece is called Trumpeter Kermit Ruffins in Concert. Mr. Ruffins is pictured playing his trumpet in front of 2 microphones. In the background just behind him are a set of pool bars and in the far background are 2 sets of black barriers with a strip of yellow paint that separates them.
This next piece is called the Les Paul Model Electric Guitar. This piece was built in 1952 by Paul himself. It is a yellow and white instrument with 4 tuner knobs at the bottom right of the head, 6 strings that stretch from the middle of the body all the way to the head of the guitar and 2 whammy bars on both sides of the bridge of the guitar. It also has just one switch at the top of the body of the guitar.
This next piece is simply called Elvis Presley. It is a portrait of him wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. Just behind him is a blue sky with scattered white and red lit clouds on his right shoulder and white red and dark lit clouds on his left shoulder. In the background on the lower right beside his left leg is a white house with groups of green trees way in the backgrounds on both sides of Elvis.
This final piece is called The Beatles in Hlebine. It is a painting of the fab 4 in a native painting format. They are all wearing an assortment of outfits from English to Japanese. One of them is holding a cello while another one is holding an accordion. They are standing on white snow with an assortment of animals around them. Way in the background there is a farm and a town with a church even further in the back. This painting is just one example of just how weird and creative John, Paul, George and Ringo really were. They really are one of the most influential band in history.
Credits: All media
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