Culture Of India 

Michelle Valenzuela-Ortega

I picked this Turban Ornament because of the center panel is set in a large hexagonal emerald.
I picked this Kanthi necklace because it has a design of seven sapphire flowers.
I picked these Chand Bali earrings because they have the form of a crescent moon.
I picked this image of Buddha because it's rare to find one in the northern park of Pakistan.
I picked the Hyderabad House because it is a Delhi Chapter.
I picked the Sikandar Lodi's Tomb because it is the enclosure to Sikandar Lodi's tomb
I picked the Qutb Minar, Alai Darwaza and Tomb of Imam Zamin because it is the tomb of Iman Zamin.
I picked the Qutb Minar becasue it has inscriptions carvings in the first storey
I picked the madrasa North Wing,Hauz Khas because it is a palace.
I picked the Agrasen ki Baoli because of the arcade superimposed in the walls.
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