Renaissance Era Art Gallery

This gallery showcases art work from the Renaissance period.

This painting is depicting a Sibyl and a Prophet meeting at a what could be a temple. This piece fits within my them of Renaissance art due to the style. There's an ideal look to the characters.
This painting depicts the crucifixion of Christ. It fits within the Renaissance theme because of the content of the painting. Many artists painted the crucifixion in varying styles and perspectives.
This painting shows the transport of St. Stephen's body from Jerusalem to Constantinople. The warm colors and idealistic styling of this painting fit the Renaissance theme of this gallery.
Here, we see the marriage of the Virgin. This painting shows an idealistic view of this event with the participants wearing bright clothing and standing at an architecturally perfect temple
This painting depicts St. Francis and his trials in the desert. This painting falls under the Renaissance theme because of the story being told. Many pieces in this era told a story.
This painting shows the Magi in a Nativity related event. The warm, and romantic feel of the painting from the use of colors and soft lines make it a good example of the Renaissance theme.
This painting shows Saint George slaying a dragon. The reason this piece was chosen to fit in the theme was because of the event depicted. Many pieces are moments in time of a specific event.
This painting by Da Vinci depicts a wreath with the inscription "Virtutem Forma Decorate ". This is an intellectual painting. The Renaissance theme is shown here by the content of the piece.
This painting is of St. Eustace. It shows Albrecht Durer's of nature with the use of trees and animals. It falls under my Renaissance theme because of how perfect everything looks like the horse.
In this painting, we see the St. Mary's death portrayed. The Renaissance theme is present here with the use of colors and the content in the painting; depicting a historical event among well known people.
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