Dwindling of Nature

The advancements of technology caused nature to start to diminish. This is no secret yet, the destruction continues to occur and hurt the habitats of many creatures, as well as, belittle the beauty nature brings. There's more the world offers than the ability to construct skyscrapers and idealizing the structures of these colossal buildings. This exhibit will take you on a journey through the elegance of nature that is being overshadowed by the dominance of what technology has done throughout history . These eight artifacts will help guide the path I hope to lead you to and have a better grasp of the reality we live in that is leading to the dwindling of nature. Nature should be cherished, and preserved for generations to come. 

This begins the journey. The title of this piece caught my eye because Morning and Life are terms that can be used to describe the start of something. So open your eyes and behold the exhibit.
Death of nature. This is what's happening to all the wildlife that surrounds us, it's being killed out and replaced by man-made artifacts. The darker side of the exhibit is shown here. Thoreau would agree that Nature isn't loved as it should be.
"Most of the luxuries, and many of the so called comforts of life, are not only not indispensable, but positive hinderances to the elevation of mankind"-Thoreau
The initial thought I had about this artifact was the differences between each side, the good and the bad. The left side shows life with nature, how life should be. The right side displays how the world will crumble with the overuse of technology. It's the beginning and the end.
"We can familiarize ourselves with the will of nature by calling to our mind our common experiences."-Epictetus
"For godhead by its nature must enjoy eternal life" -Lucretius
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