Crucified - Frank Ruiz

This art gallery will showcase works of arts of the famous icon of Jesus Christ being nailed upon the cross. The specific mediums that that this gallery will be about are oil paintings during the renaissance period.

This painting that was made using oil and tempura on wood depicts the lord and savior Jesus Christ upon the cross but in a very pale white motion. The blood dripping from his hands showing the pain in which he has suffered in order for all those below to live peace one day in the future. This follows the theme as in this image Jesus is nailed upon the cross in what seems to be a nearby village.
This oil painting was created around the time frame from 1490-1550, in this image the eye is instantly drawn onto Jesus. He can be seen hung atop the cross however in this instance he is between the 2 famous thieves talked about in the bible. The portrayal of light and contrast with the dark in the background truly makes this image pop out at the viewer.
With this image it not only shows Jesus already laid on the cross, but shows the emotion of one woman who does not want to let Jesus ascend back to heaven. This woman who feels upset as the angel comes in to assess what has happened and walks close to Jesus to bring him home to the heavens above. Both the dark and line work from this image give that dim and darkened feeling to this work of art.
This painting was created from oil but the artist also used egg tempura for a different texture to be able to be given to the image. Nearly the whole painting is covered in darkness representing the consequences of what has taken place for sacrificing an individual to cleanse the sins of others will not be a choice that comes easy.
This painting transcribes the spiritual belief of the artist, demonstrating how people mourn for a lost one after their death. In this image a shadow has been cast throughout the entire canvas to show the true nature of what has happened. The deep line and texture work done on Jesus's body to display how long his body has been decomposing after his initial crucifixion.
This individual image depicts Saint John The Evangelist mourning over the loss of their beloved savior Jesus Christ. If one looks closely on the left it can be seen that someone is coming with a ladder to be able to bring down Jesus after the terrible events that took place. What really draws the viewer in is the light work in both the foreground and background of the clouds. It almost looks as if Jesus is already ascending to the Heavens above.
This particular image stands out above the rest because of the way it portrays Jesus as the light. Jesus had the hardest task laid out in front of him and he went through with it. What I like that stands out about this image as well is that this image does not focus on the mourning but on the good, which is represented & contrasted by the light illuminating from Jesus.
With this painting it would seem that Jesus has started the beginning of his untimely fate, with some people gathered bellow to mourn over his horrible destiny. The blend and contrast of light to dark demonstrates the true sorrow of this painting. With the darkness surrounding the whole canvas and the only sign of light coming from the Messiah himself.
At this point Jesus has already reached the point onto his passing the clouds reflect upon this with there dim and murky texture. With one of the individuals who's heart is filled with sorrow after the loss of their Messiah, with both the red color of the person on the right and the black from the outfit of the nun this painting compliments the artwork well.
In this final image of Jesus Christ it is where he is most hurt, it is shown upon his face with the look of betrayal from not only his followers but his people. With the sharp blade of the spear piercing at the ribcage of Jesus Christ, this is when Jesus finally puts all the mental preparation and spiritual guidance into action. The people below look with anger and almost in a positive state for they believe what they are doing to Jesus is the right thing. The design and texture in the lands show the environment very well but it is in the part of the background on the left by the mountains that truly shows the darkened hearts of the people.
Credits: All media
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