Welcome to my exhibition here are a few words to describe what I love about this exhibition. I have chosen urban city because I really like the style of all of these depicted artworks. My artworks relate to each other as they all have the same style and are all a part of the same theme “Urban City”. Urban city means that there is a density of human structures such as houses, commercial buildings, roads, bridges and railways. As it can also refer to cities, towns and suburbs. The meaning of Urban City in my pictures is that it shows street art on buildings which represents commercial buildings. I chose these artworks for urban city as they really stand out to me and my type of style. The colours in my artworks that I have chosen are very vivid and they stand out through the eye also I chose these artworks because I enjoy admiring them and maybe someday I could create my own artwork like Urban City for my theme. The first artwork that I chose is structural because all of the different colours and patterns/textures all mix together to make one artwork. The second artwork is subjective as it is my personal opinion that I have chosen. The third picture is cultural as it shows a bunch of different cultures uniting together into one community. The fourth picture is about postmodern as it shows how the different shapes and colours that make a more of a cartoonish look then of a more modern look. I hope you like my exhibition as it shows the true meaning of what I love. I have chosen the first picture for structural as it has all the different colours combined into one picture. The second frame represents subjective as my opinion is i enjoy admiring the picture as it shows different personality. For cultural i have chosen an artwork that shows all different cultures coming together to make community. Finally i have chosen the fourth artwork as post modern because, it is outside the boundaries of modern as it is more of a cartoonish look then an realistic one.

Credits: All media
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