Renaissance Perspective


Exponent(art term): person who interprets or explains Spanish Renaissance: Occurred 15th-16th century Naples: Province located in central Italy Granada: Province located in southeast Spain Burgos: Province locate in the north of Spain
Exemplifies: to show by using an example Virtuous: morally excellent or upright Cornucopia: A cone containing food, drink, etc. Urbino: city located in northeast Italy Provenance: place of origin
Veduta: Italian word for 'view' Concurrent: occurring/existing side by side Quattrocento: word used to refer to the 15th century Federico da Montefeltro: leader during the Italian Renaissance Vecchietta: another name for Francesco di Giorgio e di Lorenzo
Facade: the front of a building Siena: city located in northwestern Italy Tempera: type of paint made of water and pure egg yolk Friar: member of a religious order Pulpit: raised platform in a church
Commune: a small group of people living together Motif: a reoccurring subject in a piece Herringbone: a pattern consisting of conjoining vertical lines Parquet: floor made of wooden blocks arranged to form a pattern Tranquility: peacefulness
Epitome: to represent in a small space Dynamism:theory that seeks to explain phenomena of nature Futurism: to represent through rapid movement and dynamic motion Disaffection: absence of affection Embitterment: to make bitter
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