The Red Engine by Sandor Bortnyik is a great example of Primary Triadic. The primary colors of red, yellow, and blue are demonstrated throughout this piece. In the center, it focuses on red that sways out attaching the other primary colors of blue and yellow.
In this piece called "Among the mangoes at Martinique" uses the Secondary Triadic color scheme. Paul Gaugin incorporates the colors of orange, green, and violet. Orange is shown in the ground that changes into the color of green. Violet is expressed through the sky and the subjects clothing.
In this piece "Breton Girl Spinning " (1889), Paul Gauguin uses the Tertiary Triadic Color Scheme. Paul Primary uses more subtle hues such as green-yellow on the grass, purple-blue on the subjects clothing and so forth.
In this piece "The Seine at Courbevoie" (1883-1884), Georges Seurat uses the a Tetradic color scheme by using two complimentary colors. For example, in this piece, complimentary colors such as blue and yellow / green and light-violet are being used.
"Tress and Undergrowth" by Vincent Van Gogh uses an Analogous color scheme by fusing colors such as green that correspond to the next color in the color such as the blue in the bark of the tree. The shades of green also contribute to the color scheme.
In "The Sower" by Vincent Van Gogh, he uses a complementary color scheme. It is easily shown by the fields that are portrayed in blue that contrast to the green sky.
Vincent Van Gogh' creation of "Undergrowth with Two Figures" uses a Split-Complementary scheme", which was similar to "The Sower", but uses more variety or colors that are adjacent to it's direct complement. In this piece, the three colors that are split-complementary are green (the grass), yellow (the flower tips) and a purple-blue (trees).
Vilmantas Marcinkevicius uses Warm Colors in his creation called "The Soldier and the Peasant Woman". It is easily portrayed by using vibrant colors such as red and yellow. It portrays both a visually and exciting effect.
In opposite to Vilmantas piece, Edvard Munch uses cool colors in this piece called "Train Smoke". He uses different tones of blue and green which are labeled to be known as cool colors in the color wheel. Different to Vilmantas piece, this one portrays a more calming/relaxing effect.
In this piece by Edvard Munch "The Starry Night, he uses a monochromatic color scheme. Throughout the picture different shades of blue was used in order to create that monochromatic effect.
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