Our complex natural wolrd

In this small gallery I have put together, I will show you images that I believe show our complex relation with the world around us. Not only with us but with the animals and creatures within it as well. 

In this painting you can see a man hunched over a desk and examining what appears to be a skull. Around him looms a vast array of specimens showing is devotion to the study of the natural sciences
An abstract drawing of a feline and its prey. The elaborate display of the circle of life is what draw me to this piece.
Humans must eat to and by the looks of it this family as an over abundance of food. A maid stands off to the side picking the feathers off a pheasant. It really shows where we stand on the food chain.
What we can see here is another abstract feline in a tree with is kill rotting away on the branch next to it. Again this demonstrates the natural order of things.
A mother sheep calls out over the corpse of her young. A large murder of crows gather around, waiting for their next meal. The emotion this piece gives off is so human and complex in gives me chills.
In this image a cult of people like animals gather around what looks to be an open clam. The reasons i choose this image is because it combines both human and animal elements into a familiar space.
Floating front an center is a man surrounded by animal like demons, appearing unbothered by their antics. I see this as mans relation with the spiritual elements of the natural world.
A rather simple black and white image of two moray ells entwined in one another. Just another example of animal interaction. In seems so gentle, but morays are one the most dangerous sea animals.
A man with moth like wings crawls out of the ruined pages of a book with Koreans writing. I see this as man trying to revert back to more primal ways. Breaking free of the human world.
A complex and bright surreal painting of people with animals with people like qualities and vice versa. This image shows the vast, complex relationships of nature.
Credits: All media
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