Beauty in War- Calvin Conaway 

This gallery highlights the creativity and feelings of the general population during or after a time of war. Some piece may be in support of war other may be protesting war. Even though war can be a devastating

 act of mankind some wonderful pieces of can be fueled and provoked by war. 

In this piece we have the depiction of a Australian solider by sidney nolan. In this piece is a great piece to take a closer look at the brush stokes and how the piece came together.
This is an American piece, During in World war 1 the USA sold thing like stamps an bond to raise money to pay for the war efforts. This piece is persuading people to buy stamps. If you look closely at the bottom of the piece where the figures end you can see the bush strokes.
This piece by George Benson is of the 4th division crossing what appears to be snowy terrain on horse back. Along with a cross hidden in the three single skinny trees. .
This piece is a poster the US government used to raise money and awareness for the war efforts. In this piece there is a slider hold a rife hunch over leaning on his knees. This piece pulls on the emotions or the US people to lend a hand to those on the front lines.
Here we have a medical camp for injured solider's. you will noticed that the water has a few ships off in the background. You can see three people in the foreground and a large medical flag in the middle. The meaning in this piece I think comes from the importance the medical staff have in the time of war.
In this piece we have a little girl looking very excited and happy. You can notice a shadow behind her as well as the 'pop" the blue background has. This piece was a tactic of the US government to get the public to financially support the war effort.
Here we have a great landscape of Anzac. This piece is well balanced throughout. Mountain off to the left in the background and the the ocean or body of water to the right of the piece.
Credits: All media
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