The Elements

 My theme that I have chosen is The Elements. This consists of the 4 main elements on Earth. These are Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Fire symbolises for power. Water portrays a representation of change. Earth represents for substance.  Air symbolises freedom. In this exhibition many artworks have been picked out in order to show the major differences for each element and how they are relatable to each other. I have chosen this theme for my exhibition because although the elements have been changed in science terms. All that’s around us shows that the elements still are around us. To me I find that fire, water, air and earth are important significantly amazing in each and every way that they are shown. Fishing on a Choppy Sea is an artwork thats shows the water elements. Since water is the element of change the sea in the picture shows that the water is rough and also could change to being calm. Fishing vessels in a  choppy  sea made by Richard Parkes Bonington was made on 1824-1825. He used a lot of small figures like dots. Richard Parkes Bonington used watercolour on plain paper to make this artwork   Maria Island from Little Swanport, Van Diemen's Land is an artwork that shows the earth element. Earth stands for substance. This artwork seems very peaceful and quiet. The artist John skinner Prout did a painting that was made on 1846.   To conclude I would like to thank Big Hit Entertainment for sponsoring my exhibition and for their support.  

This shows the Cultural Frame.
This shows the Subjective Frame.
This shows the Cultural Frame.
This artwork shows the Structural Frame.
Credits: All media
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