The theme i have chosen is winter. I chose these 15 photos because they relate back to my theme of winter. Many people would think of the darkness, snow, ice and rain. Most of the features in my images have those in it. The images connect through the colours and shades inside of it. Most of the artworks have shades of brown, orange, blue or green. The dark mysterious colours also represent the short days with very little sun, heat and happiness. It conveys sadness due to dark colours which also relate to winter due to the skies, clouds, trees,mud. All of my chosen artworks relate to winter and each other through the points listed above. 

We can recognize the structural frame in this artwork by looking at the clouds and snow. They used the thick texture and made shadows to make you want to know what they feel like.
In the artwork we can clearly see that the subjective frame has been used. The dark, misterious colours, the shadows, all show anger and suspense.
We recognize irony, which is included in the postmodern frame. The ice cold of winter displayed by the snow and cold that is, contradicted by the sun and the word 'lava' in the name which are both associated with warmth.
Cultural frame is evident as in the society depicted, there are a lot of people of either gender, various races and most likely of a similar or the same class as they are all dressed the same and present in the same community.
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