Design Principle

Yantra Painting has a Design Principle of Pattern and focal point. On the piece of clothing that is shown it shows pattern. It also focuses on a certain religion that is in the middle of the clothing.
Fire's on has a design principle of proportion between nature and the people that surround it.
In Mappa the design principle of emphasis of the different countries that are in the world.
Midsummer Eve bonfire on Skagen's beach, the design principle of unity is seen with the people coming together.
In this picture we see the design principle of variety. There is a variety of different events happening in someones life who appears to be the orange figure.
In Kahlo's drawing of herself, we see the design principle of contrast between what we see on top and what we can not see under.
In the moonlight we see the design element of pattern with the trees.
In Budding Blossom we see the design principle of unity. The flowers are being united at the end of some pedals.
In Blossom we see the design principle of rhythm within the flowers.
Life Size Head of King we see the design principle of proportion from a actual head to the sculpture.
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