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It's a nude woman, like many cycladic sculptures. Very simple and stiff, The breasts and pubic area are emphasized (peak shift) with a slight swelling of the belly. This indicates that they were living in harsh times where fertility was valued.
Minoan artwork is typically functional, but ornamental. Very distinctive painting style. Reddish brown and brown/black coloring, sculpted out of clay.
Mycenean vase work is very simple, repeats the same types of patterns. Stylized usually with circles and swirls and lines, or narratives of soldiers. Functional as well as ornamental like the minoan art. 
This sculpture is very symmetrical and rigid, which makes it easily identifiable as from the archaic greek period. It's not extremely detailed. It looks like it is made of sandstone. Naturalistic proportions. 
Made of marble. Very athletic build. In the controposto stance. These are two defining features of classical greek sculptures. The body has more movement than the archaic period, but it is still very calm. It is not symmetrical, but still balanced. 
A very emotional sculpture. Far greater movement than the previous two greek periods. Major detail in the body, the clothes, the faces. All of this plus the complication of the sculpture directs to the Hellenistic Greek period.
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