Sustaining the ENvIRONMENT                IN THE CITY

The Earth is a magnificent delicate ecosystem that supports life in many forms and is in constant change.  Unfortunately, the greed and desires of humans have disrupted the ecosystem placing the planet on a path of destruction.  We are at the uplifting part of our journey and in order to be successful in this process we must come together as world citizens and work to restore harmony and ultimately, heal the Earth.

"But there're none of them any good unless the threat of death is behind them." People come together when there is the thought of eminent death behind it shouldn't take the thought of death though.
"I hope you're not letting yourself be influenced by the gun" maltese We have made it a sport to kill animals beyond what is necessary to feed people. Because of this animals are becoming extinct.
Play with murder enough and it gets you one of two ways it makes you sick or you get to like it 155Hammett People have become immune to murder in recent years and are desensitized from the act itself
"protection of children from their own idiocies, from adults and from each other"-80 Hammett We need to educate children on how to be compassionate and care for others and to take care of nature.
And don’t kid yourselves that there’s any law in Poisonville except what you make for yourself Hammett 119 Laws have become just that in recent years poison. The laws are made for the elite to survive
but he lost his hold on the city and the state. To beat the miners he had to let his hired thugs run wild. Hammett 9 those who are in power need to realize that its not control they need but respect
So everybody sat around and behaved and watched everybody else while I juggled death and destruction Hammett156 The world needs to come together to create peace. Only together can we uplift the world.
"children are at the mercy of convenience more than anyone else." 85 Jacobs Children learn what they are taught and it is easier to teach love than hate. The children are our future.
"Along with nothingness, considerable togetherness can be found in such places." 67 Jacobs. We need to come together like these animals and forget what makes us different on the outside.
All’s lovely and peaceful again. Hammett 64 Only when there is eternal peace can the world be peacfull and begin to grow again enough to sustain humans on earth for a long time.
willing to do anything to make peace. Hammett 155 We must look past the elites plan to save the earth and come together as elites and non elites to create a better path for the future.
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