Lets face it : Together

 Welcome to my Gallery !!! These pieces time range between (1900's-2014) it is focused on modern and contemporary art.  I have selected various facial expression, both from a realistic and abstract perspective. Some of these work of art, have expressions that reflect movement such as artwork (Cannonball) and some are still (The Love Doll/Day 24 (Diving). Some are relaxing (The Vina Player) , while other have edge (view in light). Some are displayed in color (Mural por Agostino lacurci) , where some are revealed in black and white, (Portrait of Guy and Myriam Ullens) regardless these works of arts all have one thing in common, which is they were all designed exposing a face with character, with the intent to be viewed as an artistic expression.*** Perhaps you may see what I see, or you may not. I think that is great !!!, Now we can view these various artist work together.       *** I hope you all enjoy.

This (2014) colorful mural painting called "DREAM TEAM" by: Telmo Miel Emergence, Is a mural (in Italy) It represents visions that occur in dreams. This artwork reflects my theme "Lets Face It: Together", because it shows the facial expression during sleep. Look at the peaceful face of the baby and the split face of the woman. This piece is a reflection of the essence of dreams that are captured, the artist paints in an illusion of thoughts that flow though the mind when one is sleeping. The use of a pattern of random images such as, the face a woman, the face of a young child, an insect and what appears to be a chocolate (editable) bunny. (which could represent sweet dreams). The use of space with the foreground and background images sets the tone for this piece. The vivid imagination of this painting can make the viewer wonder if the artist may have personally faced these images in his dreams. (Contemopoary Art)
This Water Tank Project artwork called (Cannonball) by: Anton Vill (2014-2015). It reflects my gallery "Lets Face It : Together" because it is also a facial expression piece. The way the face is being lifted up, drawing the attention to the face, revealing the texture that has been hiding behind it, drawing the viewer in. This piece was created using a Vinyl Mesh texture. The black and white with color really stands out. Notice the way the artist contours the face with use of lines along with the repetition the (babies) pushing and pulling upward to reveal the background imagery, giving this piece an interesting display of movement to the face. (Contempoary Art)
This piece is called "The Love Doll/Day 24(Diving)" (2010-2015) by: Laurie Simmons. This is artwork reflects my theme called "Lets Face it :Together" because even though it is of a doll or mannequin, it' shows a facial expression, which is still and life less that draws the viewer in. This is a mesh wrap, that was designed for a water tank in New York City. The artist creates this scene to express her dream to swim in a water tank. (Contemporary Art)
This piece is called Mural por Agostino Lacurci by Agostino Lacurci, time period (2014) (Puerto Rico) This artwork reflects my theme called "Lets Face It : Together because it shows a clown like serious facial expression, that the artist created with Geometric shapes, bright colors. Notice how the face is separated in four sections, the artist paints the face with the black lines making for sections, as if the artwork,is being viewed from a window perspective. (Contemporary Art)
This artwork is called "The Vina Player" (1938) by Amirita Shair Gil. This piece reflects my gallery called "Lets Face It : Together" because it shows the content and quite facial expression of two women, one who is wearing subtle color blue stand behind the other woman, in which is wearing a bright red color while holding a musical instrument. The artist brings contrast to her, to reveal to the viewer, so the comprehension is clear, that she is the Vina player and the music speaks for itself. (Modern Art)
This Spanish painting is called, "Portrait of Pablo Picasso" by Juan Gris (1887-1927). This artwork reflects my gallery called "Lets Face It: together" because of it's distorted facial expression that extends repetition of geometric shapes beyond the face and continues throughout the entire piece. Notice the soft blue, brown and grey colors make this paintings tone calm and relaxing. While the viewer can come face to face, with the artist intent to give respect to the well admired Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. (Modern Art)
This piece is called "View In Light" the original name was "No Woman, No Cry" by Tate Britain. This piece represents facial expression of the sadness and pain, from the aftermath of a slain teen in 1993. The viewer of this piece can face the subject matter with this true expression that is displayed through art. This piece also reflects my theme. "Lets Face It : Together" because not only does it shows a facial expression of sadness, it also displays characters falling from the face which are designed teardrops that contains actual (face) photos of the victim. This painting is (mix media on canvas), in earth tone colors, with the repetition of beads. (Contemporary Art)
This artwork is called "Portrait of Guy and Myriam Ullens" by Yan Pei-Ming. This painting reflects my gallery theme "Lets Face it: Together, because it shows the happy and content facial expression of a couple. The contrast color of black and white in this painting. This artwork is a reminder of their contribution to an Art foundation in China. It is displayed so viewers can come face with the couple who appreciates Art. (Contemporary Art)
This artwork is called "Head Pierced with Arrows" (1947) by Jose Clemente Orozco. This piece reflects my gallery theme "Lets face it : Together, because it shows a facial expression of a face that has been inflicted with pain. The viewer can see that the artist is passionate about telling the story through this piece. Notice how the artist paints this facial emotion using contrast shading of blue and gray colors, making the mood of the painting gloomy. This painting also allows the viewer to come face with the traumatic event, letting viewer see the pain expressed by the multiple arrows, that represents the violence of this Spanish history of battle circumstance. (Modern Art)
This piece is called "Boldness" by Mary Ogembo The Time period for artwork (2010). It is (Oil on Canvas) with the use of earth tone colors. This artwork reflects my gallery theme "Lets Face it: Together, because of the bold, proud and happy facial elements. This is an African artwork, which was created to represent the essence/beauty of an African women. Notice how the shapes of the face represent boldness and the colors of earrings contrast this piece allowing the viewer to take notice of the way the artist expresses her own interpretation of an African woman's demeanor and character. (Contemporary Art)
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