Love  By: Rylie Farinha

The whole reason I am attending Full Sail is for my love of art. I chose love for my theme because with out love life is dull and emotionless. The whole reason for the human existence is love. In addition, most of our art was created for someone loved or a love of something. 

I chose this sculpture because your heart is the home of all of your emotions. You know you're in love or love someone or something just by how your heart feels.
Although I do not know if this baby is the women's in the photo, you can still see love. When holding a new born baby a sense of love flows through your body.
This painting shows a family going through a loss. The black blanket over the bassinet shows that their baby has passed away. They are showing love towards each other and their lost loved ones.
This piece shows a family who looks like they don't have much. It looks as though the husband is outside working while the wife is inside taking care of their kids. They look happy even though they may have nothing.
This piece shows the love of a mother and daughter. There is no stronger bond then a mother and daughter.
To me this piece looks like two best friends laying out in a hammock. Best friends have a bond that no one else can explain or experience. They love each other as if they are family.
This photograph shows the love of a mother and son. The mom works to provide for her son. She looks as if she would do anything for her son to feel loved.
This piece has a romantic feel throughout the whole thing. It has a sunset in the back while the couple is carelessly enjoying each other's presence. She is resting her head on his shoulder while he plays the flute.
I chose this piece because it's called "The Love Lesson". I took it as maybe their lesson is to never take love for granted because in the blink of an eye your love ones could be gone.
Flowers are a good representation of showing someone you love them and are thinking of them. The red flowers give this piece a romantic feel.
Credits: All media
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