There is movement in the picture formed by the curve of perspective.
I like the simple line and lack of variety since it gives a melancholy atmosphere
 I like the texture created in the rough clothes and the dry grass.
I liked the subtle above eye level perspective
I like the sharp contrasting values in the scene and building.
The color scheme is attracting because it depicts a cruesome atmosphere the specks of red and mainly black contribute.
The lonely composition gives it a depressing atmosphere.
I was attracted tot his because of the colors and miniture detail used in the decoration.
The complimentary color and cubism style was interesting.
I liked primary colors depicted and the splater of lines through out the composition
I love the black and white line variation
The line variation is attracting because the create a creepy image
The line variation and surreal image is attracting.
I like the surreal application of color in the objects.
I like the small detailed objects and color used
I like how it appears they splattered random watercolor and inked an image .
I love the random color combinations in the clouds and the childish creepy drawing.
I love the composition it makes it seem as if this person is flying and the lonely cloudy surrounding.
The surrealism style I was attracted to, how random and interestingly creative images are shown.
I liked how it seems like a print and the edgy lines and intriguing color.
I love the street art elements in this like the stencil image and bold letters.
The value in the setting gives it a surreal aspect and almost captive feeling.
I like the surreal color scheme used and the contrast of a surreal tree and grass among a realistic back ground.
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