The various works of art that do what is possible (IF) to show off the confines and various wonders of the mind of Tony

I chose this item because i enjoy the contrast between the blue and the black on it. I also find that using the pearl white with the tints of blue on it make the scene pop out in my eyes
When it comes to greek mythology, vases or water pots were always fascinating to me, they told the longest and most complicated stories in such small space with some of the most exceptional details
Achilles slaying Penthesilea is actually one of my favorite stories nect to Herculese and the Nemean Lion. Something about the portrayal of the story on this pot is jus captivating
Bust of women have always been interesting to me. Most of the busts that i have seen usually portray some sort of anguish and sadness but this one shows a softer side that im not use to seeing.
Although not mythology, the technique with the grey esque and white color draws my attention to this particular painting. That color of the dead Christ is what attracts me to this painting.
I always had a fascination with the story of sexual sparring in greek mythology, and this cup shows the act itself, im drawn to it because the satr didnt seem to have the correct (or enough) details.
Peleus wrestling Thetis was a good story, and the various transformation on this vase, is what drew me into this. The animals and various versions of her represent her transformations as she evades
Griffins are fascinating creatures and were always a favorite of mine. This statue shows a Griffin eating an Arimasp, I like this statue because of the detail in the emotion on the griffin's face.
This is the God of the North Win abducting the kings daughter to take her to his kingdom. Stories of Gods taking mortals is my attraction to this, for a god to want you means you have to be special
Icarus who flew too close to the sun and then fell to his death. I like that the artist used actual feathers in this painting (supposed to be made of wax) and the sorrow on the nymphs faces.
If one doesnt know the story of Adonis then you would think he was just having relations with aphrodite and persephony on this vase. once again i like the simple picture that tells the whole story
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