Jia-En G4

Taking a picture in front of their house is cool.I like this picture for no reason.
I like acrobats but I never seen one,only from posters.I never saw children girls acrobat so thats why I pick this picture or this painting
I feel sad about him getting mocked but I still want to keep a picture of it.
I like the way cross looks like so I keep lots of pictures of it.
I just like the way Jesus's crosses looks like.
I think saint Lawrence casket is where they put him.Someone who really honor him might have made a picture of it,
I feel sorry for Jesus to die in a horrible death,I wish I can help him
I just like the way crosses looks like, they look cool!
I wonder what she have in her hands.Why is she sitting in the garden????????
This girl is a ballet dancer and I personally like them.
I like ballet dancers they just look beautiful!!!!!!!
This women looks weird and funny thats why I choose this painting.
These women look so serious, I wonder whats happening.
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