Through The Eyes of Van Gogh-Shannon Melvin

This gallery is an exhibit of the artwork of famous dutch artist Vincent Willem Van Gogh with an emphasis on landscape and color. I wanted to present a gallery where viewers can see the world as he saw it. Van Gogh is considered the greatest Dutch painter in the world next to Rembrandt. According to, he completed over 2,100 works, consisting of 860 oil paintings, and more than 1,300 watercolors. Several of his paintings rank among the most expensive in the world selling from anywhere between $20 million to $80 million dollars.  

The Starry Night is one of Vincent van Gogh's most famous paintings. It depicts a small village nestled right under a star lit night sky. This painting visually reflects my theme because it partakes a different outlook on landscape compared to his other landscape paintings. The main difference is the night setting. The way he uses the art element of line in this painting almost feels as if he is setting motion or movement. More specifically the night sky and the circular movement of light around the moon and the stars. This painting looks like something out of a dream or children's book.
The Garden at Arles is a depiction of flower garden in the town of Arles where he resided in the latter part of his life. This painting visually reflects my theme because it is a landscape painting by Van Gogh with many different colors. The emphasis on color is why this painting is in this gallery. Van Gogh gave us a glimpse of the beauty of nature that he had an opportunity to experience. There are many vibrant colors in this picture as well as many not so vibrant. The color of the sky is a shade of green I have never seen before.
This painting by Van Gogh is a depiction of a small farm on the country side. In the painting there are only two people tending the farm. One worker appears to be working the land on his horse and carriage. The other worker appears to be a black woman tending to a a patch of crops. This painting reflects my theme of Van Gogh's eye for nature, color, and landscape. I thought he did a masterful job of depicting a typical day of life on a farm.
This is a depiction of the Landscape from Saint-Remy. This is another one of many Van Gogh's landscape paintings. I liked this one in particular because of the the different shades of blue he incorporated throughout the hills and the color of the grass. The sky is filled with large swooping clouds followed by a trail of darkness indicating a storm was approaching. He sets movement within the grass depicting the strength of the wind.
This is a very dark and grim painting compared to his other landscape works. Here in this painting Van Gogh was experimenting with the dutch impressionistic style of painting.
This is a painting of a man planting seeds all awhile the sun sets behind him. The vibrant yellow sun turns the sky a greenish yellow color indicating that night is approaching. The seeds this man is sowing into the ground is right by a huge body of water so the soil is very fertile and his seeds should grow very quickly. This painting visually reflects the theme of my gallery because this is a landscape painting by Van Gogh and the choice of colors he uses are very intriguing, There really isn't too much going on in this painting but I think that there is in underlying meaning or principal behind this painting. Referencing to the bible about the parable of the sower who sow seeds in different soils.
The potato eaters is considered Van Gogh's first masterpiece. Adopting the dutch impressionistic style, he wanted to depict how hard it was for the life of a peasant family. Here in this painting a peasant family is having dinner together eating potatoes. Though Vincent van Gogh was a very intelligent individual and well educated, he lived in poverty for majority of his adult life. Painting was away to escape the harsh reality of the life he was living. This painting reflects my theme because this is a gallery of how Vincent sees the world. This painting reflects his world at it was. Sad and barley surviving.
Wheat Field with Cypresses is another one on Van Gogh's most famous list. This painting depicts beautiful cypress trees standing tall in a wheat field. This painting reflects my theme because it is a landscape portrait by Van gogh displaying the beauty of color and nature.
Olive Trees is another landscape painting by Van Gogh in which he depicts a family of olive trees growing by the banks of rivers. There are blue mountains in the backdrop and the light from the sun brightens up the entire sky. This painting reflects my theme because once again Van Gogh depicts the beauty in nature like no other artist. His choice of color and how he sets movement in the painting brings it to life.
This is a view of Paris Van Gogh painted sometime in the year 1886. This painting appears to depict how paris looked early in the morning with the use of light grey and white colors for the sky and most of the backdrop. This painting visually reflects my theme because this is Paris France as seen through Van Gogh's eyes. There are many subtle details about this painting that makes it standout from others.
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