Lines in artwork

The long, vertical lines create stems. The lines are different colors and overlap one another.
The lines are different colors, they are drawn imperfect. The lines overlap each other.Most of the lines are vertical. The green lines are thinner and seem further away in the background.
The lines are used to create rows of flowers. They are imperfect and are many different colors. The use of different colors makes some appear closer than others.
The lines are different colors and go in different directions. They are used to divide the picture. The lines are mostly short lines and are drawn imperfect.
The lines create the movement of the water. They are curved and are different colors (green, blue, and white) Lines are imperfect and overlapped to create the floor of the building.
The lines are mostly vertical and are all different colors. The different colors adds depth to the picture and some appear closer than others.
The lines are thin and drawn with a pen. The lines get sharper higher on the painting. Many lines overlap, the lines that draw the branches curve.
The lines are very thin. Some are overlapped to create emphasis. Lines are used to create texture on the bird. The lines are drawn in all different directions and are purposely imperfect.
Some lines are much thicker than others, the lines to represent the boat are very thin while the ocean lines are thicker. Switching the direction of the lines divides the picture from the sky to ocean
The lines are different colors and are used to create volume. The darker lines outline the stems of the flowers and make them stand out.
Credits: All media
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