Representative Arts of The Renaissance

By: Cay Weaks, and Jake Wilson

This work of art clearly represents the realism of the human body through the sculpture's arms, clothing, and beard.
This art contains realism through the depiction of how people fished.
This shows the understanding of the realism and movement of the hands from the artists of the renaissance.
The toned muscles of this statue shows how well the artists of the renaissance paid attention to detail, and their great knowledge of the human body.
The background shows how people had lived at the time, and the depiction of the humans looked as if they would move.
This marble piece of art, shows the actions of humans, and for once actually represents religion in art.
This work of art had shown the going interest of dragons in the middle ages, which also carried onto the renaissance. The image of a human in armor, slaying a dragon can easily be related to the middle ages.
The Renaissance art was mostly focused on humanism, and the depiction of the human body here can be related to the studies and interest on the human body during the renaissance.
This portrait of Pope Leo X has great detail, and this yet shares another quality with other types of art during the renaissance, humanism. The interest in human body had spiked in the renaissance, allowing artists to create even better art.
This is a study if the anatomy of the shoulder and neck. The studies made in the renaissance shown that people were very interested in the human body, and willing to learn more about it. This study has a direct connection to humanism in the renaissance era.
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