Waves Of Life

This exhibition Waves of Life presents a diverse range and selection of unique artworks depicting different types of waves. The selected artworks have been chosen to correspond with this theme and make this exhibition exciting and intriguing. This exhibition will show you different interpretations and views on waves and includes artworks such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics and abstract works. This exhibition will guide you on a journey as the waves depict the ups and downs of life. The exhibition shows original and creative interpretations of waves from different artists around the world, from the past and present times.

One of the inspirational artists in the collection is, George Chambers with his painting ‘Port on a Stormy Day’ made in1835 which shows his interpretation of theme with overcast, dark, stormy weather with a lighthouse in the background. This is in contrast to the modern artwork by Ho Lee with her sculpture ‘Wave‘ made in 2011. This artwork shows a different perspective, with the wave represented by a shiny and contemporary sculpture.

The collection of artworks are varied and unique which depend on the artist’s perspective or when the artwork was painted for example from the 18th century or the 21st century. The meaning of this exhibition is how waves imitates our lives and represents the feelings, emotions and moods of our changing lives. This exhibition hall presents the artworks in natural light and takes you on an amazing journey has you ride through all the waves. 

The Subjective Frame
The Cultural Frame
The Postmodern Frame
The Structural Frame
The Subjective Frame
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