gallery based upon the art element of lines

The vertical lines of the women contrast with the horizontal lines of the elements - sand, sea, hills, and sky.
The sharp line of the tower, as well as the lines of the roads, people and boat path point to the bell.
The lines of this painting are creating in the building the crowd, the table, and the contrasting line of the chandelier. The color fade from top to bottom and from front to back also attribute to these lines.
The line of the man to the flag and the connection puts emphasis as well on the other vertical line in the tree.
The line created here is almost as spiral as your eyes are drawn down and through the work on either side, moving inwards as the structure and the crowds curl around to the the golden lamp in the middle.
The lines of the valleys point inward to the sun and the man on the bridge. those two are also connected by the line of the sunlight through the painting to the man.
The line of the buildings and the space between boats point all to the flags.
The line of the smoke pointing to the struggling soldiers aiding the wounded.
This picture is literally lines. The contrast of which being a focus for me. As well as the colors and thickness.
The lines of the shadow and the light and the fence point to dark man in the center.
Credits: All media
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