Gallery of line: Man Pham

This artwork is showing curved lines. That is because the tower like object, and the wind being shown is probably showing how the place is cold, and dangerous. The curve lines portray the areas. With the thing like the structure showing it as the centerpiece of the whole artwork, having some meaning behind it.
This artwork shows actual lines. The actual lines are being drawn everywhere. The bed, to the chair, to the whole bedroom with everything in it. It can help with showing an actual place.
This artwork shows thin lines. These thin lines are showing weakness. But it doesn't always, this artwork shows the complexity of the work. With all the thin lines to create a huge piece of art.
This artwork shows implied lines. Implied lines are shown as the person who is screaming and the scenery. The implication is that the person is screaming, and no one can hear it.
This artwork is showing concentration. That is because of the waves, with the white lines that concentrate on the line. The waves show a direction, where they can focus on where they go. The lines are being concentrated as the power of the waves, and how strong it is.
This artwork shows vertical lines. The vertical lines show the power in them. With the pitchfork point upwards. Then the people are standing upright where they show that they have power as well.
This artwork looks like it's contour. Expressing the dots, as something bigger. The dots is only part of a more significant meaning to the artwork. With the colors, it can help show the different mood that can be portrayed as.
This artwork shows texture. It shows the depth in which the art is being portrayed. The illustrations show a pattern. The pattern at which the tower is going higher and higher. But to a point where it's not finished yet.
This artwork shows horizontal lines. It shows both lines and colors that show tranquility and peace. It shows how both the colors and horizontal lines were at peace. Everything coexists with one another.
This is thick lines. The lines vary, with the pressure of the strokes. The thin lines turn into thick lines. Which then shows power. The power shows how the artwork is conveying a person's feeling.
This artwork shows focused lines. That focus is on the bird. The birds, are being shown as beautiful and a pleasant thing. It shows how nature can be very different. Or maybe it's just showing something unique on a good day.
This artwork is sparse. The artwork is shown as thinly dispersed. Not only that but it's scattered all over. There are squares within the big square, within bigger squares.
This artwork shows diagonal lines. This is showing the direction. Where the direction of this art is anywhere, and everywhere. It shows how these lines kind of points in a direction. And it makes you feel like you're moving with the artwork.
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