Great Ruler's 

Looking at the artwork it shows how rulers tend to get there message without saying a word, one can understand what's going to happened a graphic scene.
King Esarhaddon Assyrium ruler shows his power over the two prisoners he has roped with. This piece shows his power over his enemy and how there on the floor while he's standing.
In this piece we see the king and how he's the same size of the god, the Egyptians believed that there king was the son of god and as the son of god he should be able to rule Egypt, showing power.
Both father and son are shown here. This piece is remarkable because it doesn't just show one ruler but two both father and son.
The fact that the ruler is shown as a symbol as offerings in burials, and emblems of royal shows that he was an important figure in their time.
Gudea ruled the small state of legash and as ruler he seemed too filled the temples with votice statues of himself, representing that he too was a god.
Alexander the great, was the first Greek ruler too understand the powers of portrait sculptures. Knowing this he had change the way we see sculptures.
Jupiter was the ruler and protector of both humans and gods, knowing this shows how much power he had and how he was able to even rule the gods.
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