I decided to choose this image because it shows how the Byzantines tried to keep the Roman architecture alive by using dome shapes in their churches and buildings of importance and significance.
This is an image of the Hagia Sophia built by the Byzantines, more specifically, Justinian. I selected this image because you can notice the dome shapes from the Romans, but also the islamic poles.
This photo was selected because the jewelry in the Roman era was very dangly and delicate seeming, just as the Byzantines followed up doing as well.
Just like the Roman jewelry, the Byzantines also had dainty types of jewelry as well. Also, the coloring, size, and materials used are all similar as well.
This is a photo of a Greek coin used for currency. Although many civilizations used coins as money, the Byzantine's are very similar looking.
As you can see, the Byzantines used a very similar shape as well as a familiar face for the public.
This is a statue of a very well known Roman monarch, Augustus. I chose this because I think that works of people of higher authority were also common as well as of religious people.
This statue is of Constantine, the founder of the Byzantine Empire, where it compares to the Roman statues how they made images of monarch people.
This is a Roman mosaic, I chose this because the Byzantines followed up with the same idea of art.
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