The perspective is from one person. It doesn't show the different ways he can see the picture. It is one point perspective.
You can view it from different perspectives. It is one point perspective because there is a horizon and back and middle ground.
You see it in different perspectives. You can see it from one point perspective. From where the angle is it shows from one point perspective
The ice in the back ground cause a lot of depth and perspective
The dark colors create such a deep perspective. So does the way it is drawn and created. Especially the way the perspective is.
The perspective is one point because that'd the only way you see it. The people can also help in seeing the different perspectives
The perspective depends on how big or small an image is in the painting and from where the view is
The way the picture is taken shows the depth of the perspective and the view
The different lines and shapes show the depth of the picture. It also sows how the perspective can change
The different colors and how they are put in the painting shows the different perspective and the depth of the picture
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