The Bluez

The theme that was chosen for this gallery was color. With this I came to think of the music genre blues. With lead me to pick items for the gallery which are mellow but also have a bit of a sad or comforting felling to them. These items will mostly have the color blue in them.

This items shows shapes that seam to depict sky during the night. This fits into my gallery by how showing you how the sky can even have a sad feeling come from it even tho that are more to it.
This art piece shows a horse in a blue world. This fits into the gallery because it shows how the world can change the environment around a beautiful animal to a sad and depressing felling.
This is an image of a blue woman in what seams to be water. This is here because it shows how when you let sad feelings or moods overtake you you can be put into a blues like state but also sadness.
This piece is a landscape of colorful trees in a blue world.This is placed here because it shows that we can still find hope when we are in a sad and miserable world that we made for our selves.
This that depicts a man in blue. This is here to show that we can be see in color depending on our mood. It shows an example of how we can be overtaken by sadness also how we can be seen by the world.
This is a self painting of Van Gogh. It is here to show how we can see our selves in a blue world were it can treat us differently than we want it to. Showing a sorrowful world that we live in.
This piece is people in a room that makes things blue. This is here to show us how the world could look if we keep taking the paths of sadness and sorrow which effects all of the people around you.
This is a painting of the beach at night. This is here to show how we can find comfort in the moon light and that a blue look to the world can be comforting to some but not to all.
This is piece shows an island or rock formation in a blue atmosphere. This his here to show us another way to look at the world not fully in color but to show how relaxing something can look in blue.
This shows simple motion in color. This is here to give you a feeling of simple is more that the blue makes things feel comforting and welcoming as it is a cool color and that you don't need to much.
Credits: All media
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