Textures used to intensify an image and make it stand out

Images with textures that make them ungodly amazing, almost looking like it was just a photograph. 

I chose this painting because the textures help the image to stand out. The sticks and logs all have a wood-like texture to them and the roof looks like it was made of thatch. The bricks also standout
I chose this painting because the writing on the back of the train/wagon is clear and it pops, along with the texture of the pillows, the handbags, the clothing, and of the people themselves.
I chose this because the lighting and texture on the trees to the right side have a stronger light than the ones on the left, which naturally bring us to look at it, thus making it stand out.
I chose this because the texture of the church and the buildings alongside the road show a sort of brick texture, along with other stones, making it feel more like it's that actual material.
I chose this because the texture is ungodly precise. This looks almost like a photograph. The textures on the chairs, table, and curtains reflect the light nicely and they all have a cohesive look.
I chose this because the textures on the hillside clearly show the different shades of color and texture that the grassy hillside would have. It also shows the red rocks sticking out the hillside.
I chose this because the small hill-like domes on the ground leading up to the church have a nice, multi-colored texture on them that make it look like the dirt mounds/hills are gently covered in snow
The texture of the curtains and mirror are the view of this image. They both have a nice texture on them, the mirror being its reflection. The curtain is almost see-through, showing the wall behind.
I chose this because you can clearly see every wrinkle and spec of detail on this man's face from the amount of detail in the texture that has been applied. It is very realistic looking.
The people in this picture all have wonderfully textured clothing, and the ground in front of them is also textured nicely and very detailed so that your eye is caught on it and stays there.
The trees in this image are amazingly textured. They look almost photo-realistic. The colors and textures on them help them to stand out more, therefore drawing your eyes towards them.
The textures on JFK's head and suit show that he is the focus of the painting. His head is more detailed and textured than his body so that it shows that his head is more important than his body.
The rocks in the painting and the siding for the stone houses look very realistic, and helps to draw your eye towards them, making a sort of "golden ratio".
The trees in this photo are the most textured things, but they aren't the most important. However, their highly detailed selves help to "point" towards where the image maters most.
The textures in this painting don't really need an explanation. They are so grand and so highly detailed that they seem to jump off the page as if you're really there. This is my personal favorite.
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