Harmony Between People 

What causes harmony between people? Harmony between people is when there is no fighting, no arguments, there is just joy and peacefulness, and everyone is happy. The harmony between people can vary.  Is it the joys in life, or is it the more troubled times in life? Or can it be caused by other things? Let's find out.

Something that causes harmony between people is, well, food.
Many people, possibly including you, have spent time together with family and friends at a cookout, or a restaurant.
Sometimes, it's better to be somewhere by yourself, or with just another person, when it's nice and quiet.
Some other things that can cause harmony between people is sports.
Whether you agree or disagree on a sports team that someone else prefers, you can still have a lot of fun together.
Special events together also can have that same effect on someone. Many people enjoy going to something fun together to see something, like a circus show.
The outdoors can also bring people together.
Many people enjoy the fresh air and spending time outside. Many people even go camping or go out to ride their bikes together.
Animals can also bring out the goodness in people.
Many people have pets that they enjoy taking care of, playing with, and doing fun things. Animals can just make people happy overall.
Family is one of the things that can really bring out harmony between people. The love between family can be touching at times, and having someone be there for you always makes someone feel better.
Lastly, patriotism can bring a whole country together.
In bad times of war, large groups of people get together to support one another's needs.
If you can bring together a group of people together, the possibilities are endless, and well, you just might reach the moon and above.
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