scapes in motion - Justin hinds

This gallery includes landscapes, Seascapes and the like that portray movement in one form or another. Movement can be drastic and impossible to miss or it can be subtle and easily overlooked.

In this painting we have a crew of people near the sea with rough waters in the background. We can see boats in the background being rocked by the strong waves of the sea. The waves are not too violents but are still strong enough to move these boats with ease. This is likely caused by strong winds which can also be seen in the clouds. The clouds are elongated and can be an indicator of strong winds.
This is a scene of what appears to be a small village that looks like it is on fire or just finished being burned. The village appears to be in a valley and some farm animals can be seen to be leaving the area. The Movement in this scape is once again subtle, it is displayed by the smoke gently being whisked to the right side of the painting indicating a light breeze. The strokes used to make the clouds also appear to show subtle movement as well.
Here we have a very interestingly done scene of a flowing river with three men on the right side of said river. It is a very lush and green scene with trees and foliage and a lot of detail. The river is flowing quite violently almost like rapids. They sky looks almost like a storm is brewing, the clouds look like they are moving in to blanket the sky in darkness and unleash a storm.
Van Gogh has always had an interesting style in my opinion here we have a worker tending a wheat field. He uses almost all curved lines for this piece which makes a very wavy image. Van Gogh’s choice in lines makes the entire image look like it’s moving in very unusual almost funhouse like fashion. It almost feels like everything in this painting is alive.
Here you have a very interesting piece that shows quite a few men riding horses with hunting dogs on an english landscape. It appears that they were hunting a fox as one of the men has a fox by the tail and the hounds surround said fox. The men on horses and the dogs display the movement in this particular piece.
In this piece we have a mountain scene done in monochromatic blue that depicts a man that kind of fades into the scene almost like a ghost or hologram. You can see the movement in this painting if you observe the way the lines are used. It is almost like there is a wind going from left to right. It looks like the clouds in the sky are moving to the right and it looks like there is snow or dust being blown to the right as well. The monochromatic nature of this painting also leaves some things ambiguous for example what was mentioned earlier it’s difficult to tell if it is snow or dust being moved in the bottom of the painting. It also almost looks like clouds.
This is a classic japanese painting that depicts a very serene lake where quite a few people a flying kites. The color choice for this particular piece is interesting to me, they are very bold colors that provide decent contrast. The movement displayed in this painting is very much subtle. The stark lines used to make the ripples in the lake is kind of a way to subtly show movement from the wind. This is reinforced by the flying of the kites which need wind in order to fly.
Here you see a beautiful and playful beach with women and girls playing and enjoying themselves. You can see a woman playing with two of the girls on the beach while laying down. When you take a closer look you can see that the women and the girls all appear to be some take on mermaids. The waves are gently rolling in the background and the brush strokes on the clouds provide a very subtle sense of movement.
This painting depicts a seascape of some very rough seas with several boats weathering the harsh waves. You see the boats at different levels and positions showing just how rough the waves are and provides a sense of intense movement. The lines and colors used in the waves show a realistic view of how waves look when they are crashing around in a storm.
Credits: All media
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