The House Wife Expansion-(Ambar Valerio)

In earlier year’s woman were viewed as house wives only but as the years have gone by woman have grown from their role and depicted title. This transformation has also been portrayed in art pieces, each of these paintings tells the story of The Expansion of the House Wife. These art pieces speak of the woman’s desire for growth and to constantly transform into more than just a house wife.

This painting shows a happy mother delighted in motherhood.The portrait has great smooth texture for the skin. Also good use of colors
In the picture the woman is bathing her child, it’s not the most common form but it shows the woman's ability to be resourceful and caring in all aspects of house work. This piece shows patterns in the different furniture. The colors also have contrast with each other like the woman dress and the child’s skin
This painting shows the woman doing laundry and ironing clothes. It reflects the woman's ability to handle stressful environments with ease. Some present elements in this piece are, shapes to outline the clothes that are hanging from the ceiling. Symmetry is shown in the woman's poster . There is also movement depicted in this painting of the woman using the iron. Also, lines are used to make up the windows in the background.
This painting shows a curious young girl. She is studying the plants as she waters them. This painting shows the woman's desire to want to learn more. The young girl is studying the plants in detail. Some of the elements seen in this painting is texture such as, the dirt, the pots, and the plants. The colors give a serene look to the picture. The artist also incorporated shapes such as the triangle shape window which gives further depths to the background.
This art piece is about a woman who has to go out and support her family. Some of the elements present is color contrast the darkness of the colors gives a somber mood to the piece. The emphasis and focus is directly on the woman getting ready, this is shown by the woman in the background looking in the direction of the young lady.
In this piece woman were beginning to gain some acceptance as artist. The painting shows light value with the light in the room. The woman is using natural lighting in order paint the art piece. There are some patterns in the carpet on the floor adding some detail to the room. Also the focus of the painting is on the fact that it's a woman painting not the wealthy man.
This poster was created to persuade woman to take factory jobs that help build munition and aircafts in the war. Woman showed they could do more than just take care of the house but also provide for the family. Some of the elements seen in this picture are shapes such as the triangle in the background and symmetry for the woman’s reflection in the poster.
This painting reflects a historical time where woman took over factories to help build some of the planes and other equipment used in the war. In the painting you can see three dimensional space in the depth of the background to make the room seem larger and more detail of other woman working as well. This piece also shows repetition in the background in the tables where the other woman work. The emphasis and focus of the portrait, however, is on the woman in the center of the painting Ruby Loftus.
This painting is about a woman who served in the Woman’s Army Corp. Woman began to not only take on factory jobs but in later years woman held different jobs that provided services in the armed forces. Some of the elements seen in this piece is the texture of the woman hair. The woman in the center of the photo is the positive space while the area around her is the negative space. Lines are used to make up her uniform and a triangle shape is used to form the top part of her jacket.
This piece is a portray on Carrie Chapman Catt who is credited for the woman suffrage movement. In this piece there is some proportion in the woman face and hair. There is a good balance of color in the woman’s clothes and the wall. The chose of color shows her prominence and social status. This picture also shows positive space and negative space
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